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27-31 August 2019
Poznań, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone
programme last update: 23 August 2019
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The Sunset population, Interactions, Bonds (Commission on Urban Anthropology)


Location: Poznań, Poland
Date: 30 Aug 13:45 - 15:30


Room 3.135

"Gerontology, the study of aging, has been a subject of enquiry among different sections of society and institutions. Advancement in science followed by rising life expectancy and falling birth rates, average age of population is going up. In this regard, the world is marching towards ‘graying of population’, which inherently has been treated as a social crisis. Families and other institutions treat and make the elderly people believe, that they are unwanted. Owing to the growth of nuclear families as well as the dominance virtual space, face to face interactions which often enhanced social solidarity is waning. Elderly loneliness has thus been a major issue often been a cause of abuse, vulnerability as well as degrading health both physical and mental. Thus it is apt to remark that in the present day society, elderly population rise is an invincible fact coterminous with the degrading social bond. We often visualize them as someone characterized by physical deformities, mental problems, frailty, homely, religious and most importantly as someone who lives in home and awaits death by reminiscing bygone days. The elderly paradox is hidden within this mental imagery of the social structure as a whole, which had consciously provoked and distributed an elderly construction which is inherently cultural. Quite appropriately it can be remarked that the idea of being elderly is indeed a social construction which often can be metaphorically compared with the notion of ‘jacket’ which has been put on the people who are above 60s by an intangible determined force."


  • P 85.1
    • Dr. Saha, Sumita (Presidency University)

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The present paper seeks to explore the role of social media among elderly population of Kolkata. The present society is dominated by social media whereupon various agents of social media including Face book, Whatsapp, Instagram etc has been a regular platform of interaction among a large number of population. Elderly population is consequently adopting this virtual space as a mode of interaction t ... More
Presented by SOMRITA SENGUPTA on 30/8/2019 at 14:05
It has often been rumored that as 'progress' and 'development' are becoming the catchwords of this era, the elderly are receding into the dark dungeons of oblivion. A pithy aphorism goes, ""Old age is a curse"" -and this platitude is a mere corollary of emotional deprivation. Emotional deprivation may occur in an individual when he is not shown adequate affection or interest, or when he is impover ... More
Presented by Sujata DAS on 30/8/2019 at 14:25
Though the parameters of religion have changed over the years, there hasn’t been any shift in its purpose— it binds people by any monastic vows. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a unifying force, which creates cohesiveness and integral bond among people. Religion and spirituality provide an optimistic attitude in the way one perceives his/her life. Throngs of researches have been a witness ... More
Presented by SMITA CHAKRABORTY on 30/8/2019 at 13:45
The faith or commitment is projected as the culture or the value of the community is deeply imbibed through tradition, often acts as the silent backdrop from which community ideology reinforces it selves. The chattras, akhras and bhajan ashrams in the temple town of Nabadwip is one way of earning spiritual credit or punya, The elderly widows feels their migration to the temple town is that of find ... More
Presented by Dr. SUMITA SAHA on 30/8/2019 at 12:45
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