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27-31 August 2019
Poznań, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone
programme last update: 23 August 2019
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Contribution Paper

Poznań, Poland - Morasko Kampus, room: 3.106

Associativism and solidarity: the Lusogay Association - Paris, FR


  • Eduardo Caetano DA SILVA

Primary authors


Emigration has been a structuring phenomenon in Portugal’s social experience. The resilient process of emigration, since the 19th century, corresponds to deep historical transformations in Portugal, as well as to the differential contexts of departure (urban or rural) and arrival (in five continents). Such a complexity defies economical theories (push and pull factors) or outworn theories of globalisation and transnationalism. Beyond population or demography, is it possible to specify a Portuguese diaspora? If so, how can one circumscribe deterritorialised Portuguese communities? Taking up these questions, the present paper intends to discuss subtle dynamics of engagement among individuals and groups, counter-discourses and divergent identities. For such, it will focus the contradictory experience of the Lusogay, an association established in the late 90’s by Portuguese migrants in Paris, which nevertheless included French and Brazilian members, in the unlikely attempt to combine Lusophone solidarity and GLBT militancy.