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27-31 August 2019
Poznań, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone
programme last update: 23 August 2019
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Critiques of Political Economy and Alternative Global Futures: Moral Economy, Moral Sociology and Spiritual Ecology


Location: Poznań, Poland
Date: 28 Aug 11:00 - 15:30


Room 3.135

The panel focuses the following main points: -Genealogies of Political Economy as a Critical Perspective: A Critical History and Struggle for Alternative Futures -Limits and Possibilities of Critiques of Political Economy: From Marx to Picketty -Critique of Political Economy and the Calling of Ecology: Limits of Production, Consumption and Paths of Biological and Cultural Regenereration -With and Beyond Critiques of Political Economy: Moral Economy, Moral Sociology and Spiritual Ecology -Dimensions of Moral Economy: From Aristotle to Sahlins (Marshall Sahlins, The Stone Age Economics), Mauss (Marcel Mauss, Gift), Gandhi and Kumarappa -Moral Sociology -Spiritual Ecology


  • P 17.1
    • Dr. Giri, Ananta Kumar (Madras Institute of Development Studies)
    • Dr. Farah, Abdulkadir Osman (Aalborg University)
  • P 17.2
    • Dr. Giri, Ananta Kumar (Madras Institute of Development Studies)
    • Dr. Farah, Abdulkadir Osman (Aalborg University)

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The desirable futures of humanity should not be determined solely or even mainly by what is often called “the market”. What follows immediately is a statement of the first component of this paper. (1) What exactly is meant by global markets is notably unclear, or if clarified, unacceptable. “The market” is flawed if used as the main guide for social practices insofar as they are aimed at c ... More
Presented by Dr. Edward SANKOWSKI on 28/8/2019 at 11:00
This paper discusses how local philosophies and cultural idioms of informal economy based on illegal gathering of mineral resources in South Siberia. The main focus of preplanned fieldwork is Okinskii and Tunkinskii regions of Buriatiia Republic (Eastern Saint mountainous chain). The methodological ground of this project takes its course from a conflict of approaches to regional mineral resources ... More
Presented by Dr. Veronika BELIAEVA-SACHUK on 28/8/2019 at 13:45
In the North Caucasus Salafi-oriented Muslims, portrayed as opponents of the secular state and a threat to the state's security are at the same time, the most avid opponents of corruption. Yet, they are not able to avoid it when running a business or working on a state-paid position. In my paper I explore moral dimensions of economic life in the multi-ethnic capital of Daghestan, Makhachkala. I ta ... More
Presented by Dr. Iwona KALISZEWSKA on 28/8/2019 at 11:20
The university is an institution serving the society. Its purpose is to create new knowledge (research activity) and its transfer (didactic activity). These are processes developed as a result of many years of culture, educated in academic centers, having a deep and permanent character. We are now witnessing another change that is the result of globalization processes - universities become centers ... More
Presented by Joanna TOMASZEWSKA on 28/8/2019 at 12:00
This study examines the process of marketization of buffalo meat and how it leads the rearrangement of social relationships especially on caste society in Kathmandu, Nepal. Buffalo sacrifice had played an essential role in rituals of Newar, who is indigenous group of Kathmandu, and the distribution system of buffalo meat after sacrificing worships had been deeply embedded within their caste soc ... More
Presented by Dr. Kanako NAKAGAWA on 28/8/2019 at 11:40
The paper discusses a new strategy of the Polish government to develop an electric vehicle as a Polish product from a perspective of a moral economy. The project of EV is entangled into a set of agendas, such as climate action, air pollution reduction, modernization through technological innovation, coal-based economy and national pride, all of which are to be brought together through the infrastr ... More
Presented by Dr. Aleksandra LIS on 28/8/2019 at 14:05
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